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Accurate Drone Solutions provides extremely precise usable geospatial data to our clients. We work closely with autonomous drone manufacture Skydio to deploy fully autonomous drones on our clients projects while proving the value of drones in construction.

Through UAS data collection we are able to provide precise data sets to our clients in extremely tight time frames, so the deliverable can be used as a tool to drive a project ahead of schedule with little to no rework.

We strongly integrate with project survey to provide a deliverable to our clients that can be utilized in the project workflow as a tool rather than strictly documentation. Utilizing in house CAD services greatly expedites how fast we can provide the data to our clients. Turnaround time from flight to finished deliverable's can be as little as 4 hours depending on project size and scope of work. Please Contact Us if you have questions about your specific project.

Bayley Construction
Santa Inc.
Team Nelson Earthwork Utilities Concrete
WG Clark Construction
Mead Gilman
BDZ Construction Everett Washington
Jabooda Homes

Who We Are

Sam De Long started ADS to provide aerial pictures and video to construction companies. It quickly escalated from there and has become a data collecting and mapping mission. With over 12 years flying UAS and a Part 107 certification Sam aims to integrate UAS technologies into construction and other industries to create new or improve existing processes.

Sam De Long