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W.G. Clark WCV3C Layout Phase 1

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By establishing on existing site survey, Accurate Drone Solutions produces an ortho (BIG IMAGE) of clients PT Decks that can then be imported into CAD. We work with superintendents to find out exactly what they need projected onto the ortho then, we actually isolate the required layers in the CAD files and project the ortho behind them. This process calls for ZERO alignment which means that if its off in the picture its off on the ground.

Benefits are proven time and time again from the first snap line to the last cable. Accurate Drone Solutions is quickly becoming used as a tool for General Contractors and developers to put a job ahead of schedule with little to no rework.

W.G. Clark WCV3C Layout Phase 2
W.G. Clark WCV3C Layout Phase 3
W.G. Clark WCV3C Layout Phase 4
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Tower Crane?

With over 10 years UAV experience, ADS has the skill set needed to safely collect image data even when the tower poses as a direct obstacle. We frequently fly tower crane projects after the job has shut down for the day, and are still able to have the deliverables to the client before they start work the next day.

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Jabooda Melody

W.G. Clark 434 Kirkland PT Deck

434 Kirkland

W.G. Clark 434 Kirkland Southwest

W.G. Clark

W.G. Clark Woodin Creek Village Phase 3

Woodin Creek Village