EarthWork / Terrain Analysis

terrain analysis

ADS works with licensed surveyors to provide extremely precise terrain data. After clearing phase is complete we perform a terrain analysis flight which is used to generate topographical contours that are aligned with project survey. We then work with the surveyors, developers, and contractors to gather the correct CAD documents to provide the client with a quantity of CUT/FILL from the developer supplied existing grade surface. On more than one occasion there have been extremely large discrepancies in the topographical survey supplied by the developer and in these instances, ADS works with all parties to prove the accuracy of the data provided to resolve the situation.

BDZ Mountain View Deliverable
Granite Construction Smith Island Plant
Smith Island Deliverable
Cadman Northbend

Materials Managment

Utilizing the same methods of terrain analysis we are able to provide exact stockpile quantities for a fraction of the cost with the better accuracy than traditional ground based mapping. We then bring the data into CAD and provide the client with an official exhibit showing the exact boundaries used to come up with our calculations.

Cadman Highrock Quarry